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Healthful Pumpkin Porridge Tea

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Sizes: 320g (16g x 20 units)


Tastes like home-cooked pumpkin porridge
- Frozen and dried - has the unique flavor of steamed sweet pumpkin, with corn added to give it the taste of home-cooked pumpkin porridge.

Well-being Pumpkin Porridge Tea has pumpkin ingredients that are good for diabetes, fat, the kidney, and the stomach.
- It is recommended for people who have difficulty with digestion and are in the process of recovering their digestive functions. Well-being Pumpkin Porridge Tea also helps eliminate wastes from the body.

Chewing pleasure has been added by adding frozen and dried adzuki beans

Enjoy home-cooked pumpkin porridge with one stick without the hassle!