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TEASAM Ssangwha Tea/ TEASAM Arrowroot Tea/ TEASAM Jujube Tea/ TEASAM Ginger Tea

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Size: 75g (15g x 5packs)

*Enjoy all kinds of traditional Korean tastes anytime and anywhere with our many teas that are manufactured in handy and simple packs.

TEASAM Ssangwha Tea helps keep adults and children healthy due to its many herbs (extracts of Paeonia Japonica, Rehmannia glutinosa, milk vetch root, Cnidium Officinale Makino, Angelica gigas Nakai, cinnamon, licorice root, etc.).
"Ssangwha" means "getting together," "being paired with each other," or "making up for lacking energy." According to traditional Korean medicine, it helps overcome fatigue and improve a weak constitution.
Ssangwha Tea warms the body and is effective for developing physical strength.

TEASAM Arrowroot Tea contains arrowroot extract powder and raw arrowroot powder, which help keep children and adults healthy.
In particular, the arrowroot elements help relieve the heat accumulated in the body, which makes it good for relieving stress and frequent fever and thirst.

TEASAM Jujube Tea contains jujube extracts, which make it good for the health of adults and children.
Jujube helps relieve hangovers and is good for detoxification and digestion. Its high sugar content relieves stress, overcomes fatigue, and restores the appetite.

TEASAM Ginger Tea contains ginger extracts and powder elements, so is good for the health of adults and children.

Ginger contains diastase and protein breakdown enzymes that help in the digestion of raw fish. Its flavorful elements also help with digestion and absorption in the digestive organs.
When you feel chilly, or have a runny nose or fever, ginger tea makes you sweat and easily expel phlegm.

*There are five pieces in a pack for your convenient enjoyment, so don't worry that there would be nothing left.